23 Feb
As announced in class this week, Quiz 3 will be held in class on Tuesday Feb 27th and HomeWork 3 will be due at the beginning of class on Thursday March 1.

Study questions for Q3 are available on the course website as are instructions regarding how to compete HW3.

In addition to our usual after class lab sessions, the remaining class time after the quiz on Tuesday the 27th will be devoted to an open lab session. So come to class with the questions you have about your homework.

6 Feb
We will do Quiz 2 in class on Thursday 8 Feb. The remainder of the class will be conducted as a data lab. Hence no new material will be presented. Bring you preliminary work on HW2 with you and your questions.

HW2 will be due in class on Tuesday 13 Feb.

We will not be covering the material scheduled as Week 5 in class. Skipping this topic will put us back on schedule with next week being Week 6.

22 Jan
PPIC has released additional data sets for January, March, April, May and July 2017.

The first quiz has been rescheduled for Thursday January 25th;
The due data for the first homework assignment has been moved to Tuesday January 30th.

16 Jan
The syntax used in today’s lecture has been added to the end to Lab 4.

9 Jan. Welcome to Poli 101

As a student in POLI 101 for the upcoming Winter 2018 quarter:

  1. You will need to have SPSS installed on a laptop computer;
  2. You will have access to optional lab sessions scheduled Tuesday & Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm

Here’s some further information each of these points.

SPSS is a statistical analysis program that will be used extensively both in class and assignments. It is essential that you have SPSS available in completing your assignments. It is also recommended that you bring to class a laptop computer with SPSS installed. Fortunately, UCSC makes SPSS available to its students free of charge. Your can obtain it through:

In using SPSS, many students find it helpful to have additional hands-on support outside of regular class meetings. To provide this support, optional drop-in sessions will be available after class from 5:30-6:30pm. These optional sessions will be in the Crown College 201 Mac lab. These sessions are in addition to the Tuesday-Thursday lectures from 1:30-3:05pm. Please carefully consider your interest in attending these sessions in planning your Winter quarter schedule.

A UCSC Learning Technologies representative has informed me that SPSS can be accessed in Merrill Lab as follows:

To run SPSS do the following after logging in:
1) Open the “Software” folder on the Desktop
2) Open the “Math and Statistics” folder
3) Open “SPSS” folder
4) Double-click “IBM SPSS Statistics 20”