Study Questions for Quiz 4

Study Questions for Quiz 4

What is the defining characteristic of an experiment?

How does random assignment differ from random selection?

How are standard errors used in determining if a relationship is replication?

How does explanation differ from interpretation?

How does suppression differ from explanation?

What is a spurious relationship?

What is specification?

What are the alternative terms for specification and interpretation?

How is hierarchical regression programmed in SPSS?

To what is the upper limit of R2 equal?

How are indirect effects calculated?

How is specification best programmed in SPSS?

How is an interaction between two dichotomous variables calculated?

How can the effect of collinearity produced by an interaction term be minimized?

How should a hierarchical regression using an interaction be programmed?

How are interaction terms interpreted?

What does a plot of an interaction look like?

What sort of regression plane is characteristic with an interaction?