Marks for POLI 101 will be earned for work on:

Homework Assignments (HW1 through HW4) = 70%;
Quizzes (Q1 through Q4) = 20%;
Participation = 10%.

Please note, this schedule is subject to change

Date Assigned Title of Assignment Due Date Percent
HW1 Wk 2 Univariate & Bivariate Analysis Wk 3 15
HW2 Wk 5 Indexing & Inference Wk 6 15
HW3 Wk 7 Correlation & Regression Wk 8 20
HW4 Wk 8 Regression with Controls ExamDate 20
Q1 Quiz I Circa Wk 3 5
Q2 Quiz II Circa Wk 6 5
Q3 Quiz III Circa Wk 8 5
Q4 Quiz IV Circ Wk 10 5

2018 Exam is scheduled for  4-7pm 21 March 2018

Deadlines and Penalties

Full details of each assignment will be available through the course web site.  All assignments are due in hard copy at the beginning of class on the dates indicated unless otherwise specified on the website.

Penalty for late assignments is 10% per weekday.  Assignments more than 10 days late will not be accepted without specific advance written permission of the instructor.

Extensions will only be granted for valid reasons accompanied by proper documentation, Please inform your instructor in advance whenever possible.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Need advice on how not to plagiarize? Click here.

Click here are some examples of good presentations by UofT students that may be of interest in preparing your own assignments. Please keep in mind that these are not perfect presentations; they may well contain errors. So use your critical judgement in viewing them.